Wildlife Adventures
Alaska, the ultimate American wilderness
destination, offers adventures with
iconic Arctic wildlife in the far north.
Vast regions of
Alaska remain a
testimony to the
great wild north,
filled with abundant
wildlife populations
that remain
untempered by the
modern world,
balanced by predator
- prey interactions,
and providing a
remarkable feeling of
exploring an
ALASKA offers wilderness experiences from the tallest peaks in America in the Alaska Range to the Arctic tundra:
with Paul Konrad
While hiking near the summit of a prominent mountaintop in the Alaska Range,   
a chance fly-over by a Golden Eagle provided an image that inspired a new logo.
Dall Sheep, the grand white sheep of Alaska and the Yukon, fueled Paul's
latest photo study of the wildlife of Alaska's mountainous interior. A
selection of memorable Dall Sheep images is provided below, along with
a photo collection of America's wild sheep, from the Arctic north to the
desert Southwest. Here, please share the excitement of the wildlife that
share the Dall Sheep's spectacular Alaska realm at the peak of autumn.
Moose are tall and broad and
strong with the largest and
heaviest antlers. To see a big
on a frigid winter day will get
your heart pumping and palms
sweating as you quickly
capture moments in the snowy
realm of the Grand Tetons.

Each episode with wildlife,
whether it produces
remarkable photos or the thrill
of the day, encourages Paul to
search for more adventures in
some of the most beautiful
locations in America - and
around the world - all part of
the fun of Wildlife Adventures.
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White-tail Buck
Barren Ground Caribou are the Arctic's most
abundant animals, and the antlers of the big bulls
offer spectacular weapons for seasonal competition
for breeding opportunities with caribou cows.
Denali     20,320 feet
the tallest peak in North America
Interior Grizzly Bears were a part of each day along the slopes of the Alaska Range, and seeing each of the 18 Griz provided a level
of excitement and appreciation for the bears and their beautiful fall surroundings as they prepared for a long winter's hibernation.
The presence of Gray Wolves, the natural predators that keep caribou and
sheep populations in check and healthy, provided the opportunity to see
an intact ecosystem with memorable opportunities to photgraph members
of the family-based wolf packs, including a black wolf feeding on a caribou.
Alaska's Moose are the largest in the world, sporting the largest, heaviest
antlers of any animals, although the antlerless calves can be quite cute.
The massive size of the
antlers of this big bull
Paul to wait for some time
in vain, for the wary Moose
never did provide a clear
look at
 what was obviously
a truly
grand animal.
Dall Sheep, the northern species of wild sheep, inspired Paul's most recent
trip to Alaska, which completes a portfolio that also includes Rocky Mountain
Bighorn Sheep (below) and Desert Bighorn Sheep (bottom 2 photos).
An intimate look at animals that most people
never get to see and the opportunity to spend
time in close proximity to such remarkable

wildife - and the opportunity to share his
interactions with you - keeps
Konrad in motion,
searching out the most amazing animals,
across the nation and around
the world.
America's Wild Sheep