Wildlife Adventures
Recently, Paul has focused on
photographing BIG mammals
in the Rocky Mountains
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Big Mammals with massive antlers, horns and claws offer exciting photo episodes in the wildlands of America:
Paul Konrad uses
Canon cameras,
lenses and other
Canon photo

- and always has!
with Paul Konrad
The opportunity to spend time in close proximity to trusting
predators as they hunt in remote locations provides memorable
moments in the field as well as favorite photographs, such as
ese images of a thick-coated Coyote and rarely sighted Bobcat.
The strength and power of a massive bugling
Elk provides a taste of the intensity of nature
to the beholder. Capturing the moment and
that intensity in a photograph is a trademark
of Paul Konrad, as evidenced in the other
images on this page, beginning with an
irritated bull Moose, a rutting White-tailed
Deer, and an approaching Bighorn Sheep.

       A close-up of a Bighorn ram
       shows remarkable detail.

Rocky Mountain Goats inhabit the highest,
most remote elevations, so they are rarely
encountered by most outdoor enthusiasts,
but when you see one you understand they
are one of the most magnificent of all animals.
Crossing paths with a big Black Bear in thick
aspens is at least unnerving, but the chance to
see a Black Bear cub walk into a forest clearing,
then stand, is an equally memorable experience.
The massive size of a male Grizzly Bear is
most apparent at close quarters, and even
when observed from across a sagebrush
flat, a big female Griz commands respect.
Moose are tall and broad and
strong with the largest
and a bull closing in at close
quarters on a frigid winter day
will get your heart pumping and
palms sweating as you quickly
capture moments in the snowy
realm of the Grand Tetons.

Each episode with wildlife,
whether it produces
remarkable photos or the thrill
of the day, encourages Paul to
search for more adventures in
some of the most beautiful
locations in America - and
around the world - all part of
the fun of Wildlife Adventures.
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Like other antlered animals, Mule
Deer bucks grow a new set of
antlers each summer, when the
blood-enriched tines have a
velvet-like cover (left). By late
summer, the antlers harden and
become sharp battle spears used
during mating clashes (see far left).
Horns, however, grow constantly
during the life of sheep, goats,
and other horned animals.
White-tail Buck