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The Big Picture! - King Penguins!
Wildlife Adventures

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Resplendent Quetzal
Exciting Excerpts from WILDLIFE ADVENTURES - the book!
695 Bald Eagles!

Seeing one Bald Eagle
is exciting; seeing
more than one eagle

reason to celebrate.
So imagine my
excitement when I
counted 695 Bald
Eagles along a mostly
ice-free stretch of the
Mississippi River in
southeast Minnesota
this second day
of March!
With spring
temperatures surging
into the 60s, the
migrating eagles
soared into rising
thermals that included
as many as 26 eagles
in one group. Imagine
so many Bald Eagles
soaring in an ever-
moving vortex of
rising air.
Bald Eagles were
flying majestically
along the river,
soaring against the
clear blue sky above
the Mississippi River
bluffs, perched in
massive cottonwood
trees among the
floodplain forest, and
standing on the
remaining river ice.

  (
Wildlife Adventures. -
the book)
What a euphoric time I
spent among this
spring assemblage of
Bald Eagles!
Rainforest Parrot Kingdom

As the first flock of 10 big Scarlet Macaws burst over
the rainforest canopy they collectively voiced their
loud jungle calls. Their flight pierced the pink morning
sky along a remote Amazon tributary in southeast
Peru. With slow stately wingbeats, the colorful
long-tailed macaws crossed the Tambopata River,
followed by flocks of smaller Blue-headed Parrots that
winged quickly past, adding their high-pitched calls to
the growing chorus. During the next hour, an
enduring parade of macaws and parrots assembled,
building minute by minute into an avian spectacle!

The macaws and other parrots formed large
mixed-species flocks as they perched in tall trees on
the edge of the rainforest. In all, I identified 13
species of parrots, including 5 species of macaws. I
estimated a gathering of about 120 big macaws with
more than 300 other parrots that eventful morning. In
retrospect, this grand parrot scene must be counted
as one of the greatest natural spectacles on earth.
Close Call in Africa

Suddenly, from within the tall grass just a few steps before me, as if rising
up from the ground itself, a massive black rock-like image raised up with
long, sharp, upturned horns. The great black mass continued to rise
slowly to reveal the face, muzzle and drooping ears of a giant Cape
Buffalo. It stood tall with
a thick neck, broad shoulders and humped back.
Its huge body measured a good 10 feet long. As the giant buffalo faced me
eye to eye with broad horns stretching 5 feet across its head, time
seemed to stand still.

I did not breathe, but I could hear my heart pounding loudly within my
chest - or was that the buffalo's beating heart? I dared to move only my
eyes to one side, then the other, to verify what I already knew - there were
no trees within life's reach. My knees began to tremble uncontrollably,
followed by the rest of my legs. What now? I had no options to evade this
hairy freight train!                   (
Wildlife Adventures - the book)
Elusive Mountain Rams

Among the most elusive animals in America, or anywhere in the world, are
the mountain sheep. In North America, they inhabit the most rugged
mountain terrain, at the highest elevations, in some of the most remote
locations of the West. In the Rocky Mountains and High Sierras we're
talking 'bout one of the most impressive of all mountain denizens, the
regal Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. In the desert mountains of the
Southwest, the super-rare Desert Bighorn Sheep are kings, and in the
highest mountains of Alaska, the elegant white Dall Sheep reign supreme.

Last year, I made a wonderful pilgrimage to central Alaska along the slopes
of the highest mountain on the continent, Denali. The highlight of my Dall
Sheep expedition was the opportunity to document the ultimate full-curl
ram as it was feeding in the sunlight of a high meadow with two other
rams. This beautiful white prince of the Alaska Range provided a series of
images that captured the true essence of this magnificent species.  

Paul continues to describe this and other memorable episodes with mountain
sheep in this article, and he takes you to a variety of other exciting locations
to interact with remarkable wild animals. The above excerpts from a few
chapters offer a brief look into Paul's new book - Wildlife Adventures.  
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Blue-and-Yellow Macaws
Red-and-Green Macaw
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