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Paul Konrad uses Canon cameras and lenses for all his photography.
" Wildlife
creates the
pulse of
nature "
Wildlife Photos You'll Never Forget!
King Surfers
Imagine what these King Penguins might be thinking as they approach
the wild Falklands' surf.  Body surfing anyone?
Displaying Hummer
Hummingbirds only
inhabit the Americas,
where  320 species can
be found including this
colorful male Allen's
Jungle Giant
Paul takes most
of his
with an 8x or
15x telephoto
lens fitted on his
camera,  but this
African elephant
charged so
close that a 1x
landscape lens
was more than
adequate to
record  the
Antarctic Sailor
Using the longest wingspan of any bird in the
world, the Wandering Albatross spans the
southern oceans in dramatic aerial fashion.
Beep  Beep
Why did the Roadrunner stop in the middle of the road?
There must be a hundred jokes that can be created from this scenario . . .
Iridescent  Beauty
Wood Ducks are
considered one of the
most beautiful birds in
the world, which holds
especially true when
you find an adult male
in the open sun.
Some Favorite New Wildlife Photos:
Angelic Flight
Aptly named, a Fairy
Tern hovers
overhead during a
visit to an idyllic
uninhabited island    
in the South Pacific.
Speeding Jack
During winter, a
White-tailed Jack
Rabbit endures a
frozen landscape in
the northern Great
Plains of North
America by growing
a thick white coat
and eluding
predators using
serious speed and
acrobatic athletics.
Perched in   a
rainforest where
6 species of
macaws  and 10  
kinds of parrots
assemble   in
colorful flocks,
the Red-and
Green Macaw is
the second-
largest of the
world's 340
species of
Mini Falcon
The American Kestrel is the smallest falcon in
North America, and ranges as far south as
Argentina. This individual is a colorful adult male.
Extraordinary Ducks
Hooded Mergansers have the exceptional ability to raise and lower their large crest. These
specially adapted ducks have a slim bill with serrated edges for catching and holding small fish.
Marsh Stalker
The piercing eye
of a predator
directs a Green
Heron to small
fish, tadpoles
and large insects
as it stalks the
edge of a pond.
Northern Invader
Some winters, hundreds
of Great Gray Owls from
Canada invaded the
northern forests of
Minnesota  in search of
food - mice and voles.
Cinnamon Boy
Imagine the thrill of
having a regal-looking
drake Cinnamon Teal
swim into your photo
frame on a beautiful
winter afternoon. Even
though we're running
out of room on this
page, how could we
leave out a photo of one
of the most sought-after
ducks by birders and
photographers alike?
Adelie Penguin
Wiley Coyote?
Which way did the Roadrunner zoom?
( Not that way ! )