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Wildlife Adventures
"Adventure travel offers remarkable
opportunities to interact with people
and wildlife around the world!"
Photos to Remember - People You'll Never Forget!
Ancient  Aborigine
The overexposure of this image gave this photogenic Australian a
timeless quality as he looked upon the vast Outback landscape.
Manchu  Man
In the northern province of China, in ancient
Manchuria, a wise man of history appeared to
hold the secret of the ages. What was his tenant?
"Peace and love for all."
Munya  Kalabo
In the heart of Africa,
along the bank of the
Zambezi River in
western Zambia, I
encountered 79-year-
old Munya Kalabo –
the "first man" of the
village of Kalabo.
Hillbilly  Fiddler
In the Northwoods of Minnesota,
a young musician plays songs
handed down through the ages
in eloquent style while seated    
in an antique rocking chair.
This gentleman of
India stood beneath the
splendor of one of the
most magnificent of all
man-made buildings -
the grand Taj Mahal.
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Cloudforest Smile
Deep in the remote mountains of
Panama, a host of cloudforest birds
attract birders and beauties alike –
and at least one birding beauty.
China Break
People around the world
catch your attention as
you visit cultural sites,
historic locations, and
local neighborhoods.
During a relaxing break
outside Beijing, China, a
revered friend provided
the opportunity for Paul to
take two of his most
memorable people photos.
" What a
thrill to make
around the
world "
Prairie Heart
Perched atop a vibrant hillside awash with the green of spring,
thoughts of life and love cascade across the broad horizon.
Riding bike along a rural road while balancing a
bunch of bananas is not a lost art in Jamaica.
Best Friends
Girlfriends in Trinidad
are fashioned for an
afternoon birthday party.
Island Dancer
Even at rest, the
grace and beauty of
a young South Pacific
dancer leads one to
anticipate the sounds
and accents of the
next Cook Islands
Bird Woman
Decorated with
beadwork and eagle
plumes, a vision of
sister Sakacawea
dances for the joy of
an American nation.
Camel Lot
Awaiting the action at
the old Cairo camel
auction, a hookah
stands ready beside a
Deep in the swamps
of the Everglades, the
horrors of genetics
gone awry plague the
backwater realm of
the fabled Gatorboy.
Cowboy Grit
Trying to keep his
hat on while
searching for the
Wild West on the
back of a
monstrous buckin'
bull makes a real
cowboy live up to
the name.
Newport News
Beautiful blondes
make Southern
California an
all-star destination.
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