Wildlife Adventures
the greatest wildlife spectacle in the world,
where the most impressive animals on earth
fill your view, camera lens, and dreams!
A remarkable diversity of African wildlife interacts in the vast Serengeti Plains, the ultimate wildlife photo destination:
with Paul Konrad
Cheetahs are
especially rare, but
they are most often
found in open
inhabited by
Gazelles (right).

Although "Tommys"
are built for speed
and among the
fastest animals in
Africa, Cheetahs are
the fastest land
animals in the world.
The abundance of iconic African animals in the Serengeti Plains is an enormous attraction. The trusting wildlife
provide an opportunity for people to experience how animals interact with the environment, within their species,
and among the diversity of animals found in this remarkable protected region of East Africa just south of the equator.
Perhaps the greatest testament to the remarkable wildlife extravaganza in
the Serengeti goes beyond the remarkable numbers of large mammals the
area is renowned for: Consider that more than 1,114 species of birds have
been documented in Kenya alone. A closer look at some of the birds that
Paul photographed recently provides an amazing insight into the wonders
of the African avifauna and wildlife experience. Pictured from above left,
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White-tail Buck
Few experiences
compare with
photographing such
exciting animals as a
rare Cheetah and a
huge bull Elephant at
close quarters.
African Lions are one
of the most studied
animals on the
continent, and it's
always a treat to
spend time with these
trusting cats. No other
species of wild cats
allows us to
observe and photo-
graph them at close
range during the day
except the much

rarer Cheetah.
Even the youngest children can identify Elephants, Giraffes, and Zebras, but to observe these animals in herds that
have structured social systems and species-specific annual cycles provides a unique insight into their natural ecology.
Today, Black Rhinos are so rare they are only found in a few areas of Africa, but the
vast Serengeti offers one of the remaining strongholds for this massive species.
then counter-
clockwise, are a
Long-crested Eagle,
Superb Starling,
Secretary Bird,
White-browed Robin
Chat, a pair of Gray
Crowned Cranes, a

Little Bee-eater, and
a memorable
Lilac-breasted Roller

. These are
but a few of the birds
that will thrill you day
after day in the grand
Serengeti Plains!
Primates offer fun observations for everyone - in select forested areas of the northwest portion
of the Serengeti, 2 rarely encountered monkeys can be found - the Blue Monkey and Red-tailed
Monkey (above). Alternately, the more terrestrial Olive Baboons (above right) commonly inhabit
the open grasslands, although they are usually close to open woodlands.
Ten species of antelope constitute important
segments of the Serengeti's ecology, including
impressive species
such as Impala (above), Common
Waterbuck (far right), and Thompson's Gazelles.
Photography requires ample light, which makes photographing Leopards that are most active
in the dark especially difficult. In this image, Paul managed to use the low light and slow
shutter speed to show the stealthy action of a hunting leopard in the half-light after dusk.
An opportunity to
spend time with
such remarkable
wildlife in their
natural realm
keeps Paul
Konrad in motion,
searching out the
most amazing
animals around
the world.
While it is exciting to find rarer species and the regal predators, the common species are among Paul's favorites: Zebra,
Elephants, Giraffes, Imapala, Thompson's Gazelles . . ..  Sometimes it
's the simpler things that enrich life, even in Africa.
The vast Serengeti
Plains span northern
Tanzania and
southern Kenya in
East Africa. Paul's
favorite region of the
Serengeti is located
in  Kenya's Maasai
Mara National
Reserve, especially
the western portion
of this infamous
wildlife mecca.

There, African
animals interact in
an abundance that is
impossible to
imagine without
spending some time
eneath the same