Wildlife Adventures
"Photography is my favorite way of interacting
with wildlife and a favored way of sharing
natural experiences with others."
" Sharing the photos
that are
represent-ative of my
many days in the
field studying
wildlife at close
range is almost as
fun as taking them."
- PK
These are among Paul's favorite photos, fresh from the field - from the beach to deep into the deserts:
Paul Konrad uses Canon cameras, lenses, and other Canon photo equipment exclusively - and always has!
Before Birds, there were Reptiles . . .
Black-necked Stilt
A young Common Loon in
winter plumage provided
some memorable
moments while
photographing   it in
beautiful afternoon light
only a few     days ago.
I try to capture some
degree of action in
my photos, but it's
rare to get a
combination of sharp
feather detail mixed
with a flurry of flight
at the wingtips of
this Long-billed
Curlew taking flight.
Egret Faces: Great Egret and Snowy Egret
Who would believe me if I told
them I saw a yellow bird with a
red head and black wings - in the
parking lot at work? A remarkable
songbird - a male Western
Tanager - gave me a memorable
opportunity to photograph it!
Desert Bighorn Sheep are among the rarest and
wariest of all desert inhabitants. They are also among
the hardest to photograph - but luck was with me
October 2nd when I encountered this band of ewes
and lambs on a steep desert mountain.
Interesting birds can be seen across the
Mohave Desert, ranging from a soaring Turkey
Vulture to a hunting Greater Roadrunner, to
the state bird of California, the California Quail.
During many miles of hiking through
the desert this year, the last thing I
ever wanted to see is a rattlesnake
- Yikes! They are scary animals! At
left is a Panamint Speckled
Rattlesnake, below a young  
Southern Pacific Rattler, and at the
bottom, a Sidewinder. Yikes!!
Red-tailed Hawks are
among the most common
raptors, but a black
Red-tail is especially rare
(note the light
orange-colored tail). The
opportunity to photograph
such a black beauty in
elegant flight is
astronomically rare, but
such has been my luck
during this memorable
with Paul Konrad
An immature and adult
Brown Pelican fishing - or
flying, diving, and swimming.
If you are inspired      
to enter the exciting
world of wildlife
photography, check
out Canon cameras
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and last.

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