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is my
favorite way
with wildlife
and my
stories are a
favorite way
of sharing
with others."
- Paul

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Some of Paul's newest digital photos, fresh from the field - one way for you to share the adventures:
Paul Konrad uses Canon cameras, lenses, and other Canon photo equipment exclusively - and always has!
Songbirds are
among the most
beautiful birds,
although they
are also among
the most
difficult to
photograph at
close range.
Two remarkable
songbirds you
may encounter -
a Yellowthroat
and a Western
Tanager; each
gave me
all part of
What do you do when a herd
of Buffalo charges at you?

My answer is: "Keep photographing!"

I don't know why the Bison charged,
but they sure offered the
opportunity to take some dramatic
action photos - plus they provided a
little adrenaline buzz. I halfway
expected to see a Mountain Lion
chasing them . . . How exciting the
charge was, even without the big cat.
with Paul Konrad
An immature and adult
Brown Pelican fishing - or
flying, diving, and swimming.
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Woodpeckers are always
a challenge, but walking
in snow beneath grand
trees to get close to a
big male Pileated
Woodpecker in adequate
light is a personal
accomplishment. But to
get a quality photo as it
hammers away at an
ancient oak tree
provides a lifetime gem.
Winter Images
Anywhere you travel,
wildlife provides
interesting, if not
unusual photo
opportunities. Cases
in point include such
exotic-looking birds
as a Green Jay and
Acorn Woodpecker.
Spring booms across the tall-grass
prairies when Greater Prairie
Chickens display on traditional leks.
As a winter moon rises
at the end of a chilling
afternoon, a Northern
Hawk Owl is positioned
in the halo of moonlight.
Spring booms across the tall-grass prairie
when Greater Prairie Chickens assemble on
traditional display leks. These photos
illustrate the dramatic difference between a
booming male in full display and a more
relaxed pinnated grouse during a break in
the action; 26 males displayed at this lek.
Birds provide
adventures in the
Northwoods, ranging
from an attacking
Bald Eagle to a
Common Loon that
just surfaced, and
Trumpeter Swans,
among the largest   
of all flying birds.
Wild Horses are rarely encountered in their few remote haunts among the
wild lands of the West, especially during cold winter days. But this band of
mustangs, led by an impressive black and white paint, offered insights into
the differences between wild and domestic equines. Notice how each horse
in the herd faces outward in a circle to watch for danger, and note the big
head on the wild stallion compared to domestic breeds. How exciting to
share time among wild horses! All a part of the fun of Wildlife Adventures.
In stark comparison to
the charging bison is
the tranquil scene of a
White-tailed Jack Rabbit
sunning amid a frigidly
cold snowscape.
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Surprised by a
big, big Black
Bear, I was
concerned as I
the bruin at
close range,
then managed
a full-sized
photo (top)
after it
retreated into
the forest and
slipped into an
opening some
distance away.
On the other end of the spectrum, a
young fawn offers a tranquil insight
into the nature of the season.
In western North America, wary Pronghorn
Antelope provide exciting photo
experiences as summer progresses.
Wild Horses!
Wild Horses!
Wild Horses!
Bear Surprize!
The surprise
sighting of a
Pheasant also
provided a rare
opportunity to
document the  
leucocistic bird
in a photo.    
What luck!
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