Wildlife Adventures
Share photo adventures that feature
wildlife at its finest from across
America and around the world.

"Photography is
my favorite way
of interacting
with wildlife and
my stories are a
favorite way of
sharing wildlife
with others."
  - Paul

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BLUE  WHALES!    The largest animals that have ever lived on earth!
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African Wildlife

Alaska Wildlife,
Polar Bears,
Rocky Mountain
Animals, and all
the rest!
with Paul Konrad
The variety of birds - the form and function of
their b
eak, legs, feet, wings, and tail - is
illustrated by a songbird, a wading bird, a
predator, and a seabird in the form of a
Vermillion Flycatcher (above), a yearling
Roseate Spoonbill (below left), a Prairie Falcon
(below), and a Layson Albatross (2 right photos).
Birds provide memorable
adventures, whether it's down
the street or across the
hemisphere. What wild animals
would you like to see? And when
you find that species, what other
wildlife will you encounter in the
area? It's all part of the fun; part
of each wildlife adventure!
The opportunity to share time with the largest animals
that have ever lived on earth - Blue Whales -  
a premier day on the ocean. All a part of the fun of
      Wildlife Adventures!
    Whales, dolphins, seabirds, sunshine:
        What a
wonderful morning at sea  
         west of the coast of San Diego

And to top it off, a flying Common Dolphin
and 26 Blue Whales and 2 Fin Whales total!
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A displaying Anna's Hummingbird and a gliding Layson Albatross
(below) are representative of the smallest and largest birds in
America. Both are dynamic animals that represent species that
make our natural world so interesting and exciting.
Blue Whales!
The surprise sighting of
a partial-albino
Ring-necked Pheasant
also provided a rare
opportunity to document
the  leucocistic bird in a
photo.    What luck!
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Wildlife Adventures!
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Look deep into the eyes of
Snowy Owls, among the
largest owls and the most
impressive ambassadors
of Arctic wildlife. We enjoy
their winter migrations
south when we can study
these specialized birds
firsthand and revel at  
their majesty and   
strength of flight.
Blue Whales!
Explore a book filled with
Paul's most memorable
adventures Illustrated with
some of his best
photographs. In many
cases, the story behind the
photos is revealed, but in
all 33 chapters you will learn
exciting information about
wildlife, along with Paul's
personal insights and

This entertaining,
information-rich book offers
so much more than we can
offer on this webpage - it
offers an exciting journey
for everyone,

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WA - The Book
One of the most iconic mountain animals,
a Bighorn Sheep ram offers insight to the
rigors of living in an alpine environment.
Red-faced Parakeets are
recent residents of
Southern California, far
beyond their
range in the Amazon
Basin of South America.
Imagine the excite-
ment of seeing your
first Vermilion
Flycatcher  - a flash
of color in a desert
A mature bull Elk and
its group of females
and large calves living
amid a wild landscape
makes Elk a prime
species of interest for
Americans and

Spending time with
wildlife - observing,
studying, photo-
graphing - provides us
with ever-growing
opportunities to
the essence of the
wild animals and
wild lands we visit
and share.
Immense flocks of Snow and Ross's Geese
surround Paul's home during late fall and
early spring, providing remarkable views
and u
nforgettable goose music.
Why do birds attract our attention? They are colorful and active,
they sing and call, and they can fly! Their behaviors and migrations
are f
ascinating, and they live among us. Who isn't excited by the
sight of a preening White-faced Ibis (above left), a calling Wood
Duck and a displaying Common Goldeneye (below).

These birds and thousands like
them have pressed Paul forward
as a biologist, a photographer,
and an adventurer - across the
continent and around the world
in search of Wildlife Adventures.